hand-holding-environment-cubes-10079764EnviroFirst Solutions Inc. combines excellence in environmental science with cultural competence, delivering analysis and recommendations to mitigate the risk profile of our client’s projects. Being 51% Aboriginal owned, EnviroFirst Solutions will leverage its understanding of the unique concerns of Aboriginal stakeholders, and execute a level of analysis not available in the Atlantic Canada market today.

We offer services in environmental assessment where activities like construction and resource explorations & developments are occurring that may impact land, air, water, streams and rivers, fish, wildlife and terrain.  Our services ensure the interweaving of Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge with “western” advanced environmental science while assessing the social impacts on communities and people.

Our Promise

EnviroFirst Solutions is dedicated to delivering projects that exceed our client expectations while meeting regulatory requirements and supporting a stable healthy environment.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing sustainable environmental solutions that meet our clients needs and mitigate risks to the environment and its inhabitants.

Our Vision

As an Aboriginal Company it is our vision to combine traditional and scientific knowledge in the performance of our job permitting us to exceed our customers needs while remaining environmental stewards of the land.